APC will identify the exact species of your pest, locate the source and also the cause of your infestation and then implement a plan of action to not only remove and eradicate the intruders but also to prevent them from returning by removing where possible both access and attraction and by providing advice where requested.
Rodents not only carry diseases but can also cause extensive damage to both pipe and electrical installations. Using multiple techniques including thermal imaging, spore identification and property inspection, Avenge will locate where the creatures are getting into your property, what attracted them in the first place and implement measurements to ensure that these factors are removed. With effective placement of bait stations, sticky traps and sealing of access points not only will we remove these pests from your property but also prevent them from returning.
Our avian control measures mean that we combat these pest on their own ground. By installing spike strips, anti perch wires and similar deterrents we are able to deter these creatures from roosting in and on your building. Where they are not roosting on your property but still causing a continued nuisance then placing and monitoring of Larson and similar live capture traps can be implemented.
Deer, Rabbits and Foxes
With all these animals, wherever possible APC encourages use of deterrents however when culling is required. You can be ensured that Avenge will carry it out in the most professional, humane manner possible
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